December 14, 2010

Art on the Farm at Marin Organic's Gratitude Party

Volunteers, Members and supporters of Marin Organic are welcome at Toby's Feed Barn, Friday night, Dec 17th for their annual Gratitude Party.  There will be a selection of art from "Art on the Farm" displayed between the two buildings for this event only.  If you go, 50% of your purchase will go to Marin Organic Farmers Loan fund.  Enjoy the evening and the art!

Marin Organic Annual Gratitude Party

Friday, December 17

5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Toby's Feed Barn
Point Reyes Station

Marin Organic would like to thank YOU - our members, Friends and supporters!

Join us for Straus Family Creamery Eggnog, hot lemonade made with Fairfax Fresh organic lemons and Brickmaiden shortbread cookies sprinkled with AllStar Organics rose petal sugar. Groove to music by our very own farmers from 5:00-6 p.m. and bring the kids to decorate Bovine Bakery gingerbread farm animals! Local artwork from the "Art on the Farm" exhibit will be on sale to benefit the Marin Organic Interest-Free Farmer Loan Fund.

Families are welcome! We hope to see you there!

Become a Friend of Marin Organic this holiday season!
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October 16, 2010

Art on the Farm Weekly...8 Days to our Annual Group Show
at Pt. Reyes Vineyard Inn & Winery!

A week from tomorrow!  OCT 24, SUNDAY.... We want you to come.  We want you to love the gorgeous vineyard, the delicious wine, oysters, the art by our local artists created on Marin Organic Farms or inspired by visits to these farms... We want you to hear Dianne Zellers singing Jazz, and jazz guitar, rolling over the hills and down to Tomales Bay, where the cows graze in the hazy light, misted by the fog rolling in from the coast.  We want you to come for this once a year event, where paintings are hung on hay bales, and ranch fences. Where all the artists come for the day, and enjoy being together.  Here is a Google map... Put it in your cell phone now, and don't miss this once a year event to raise money for the Marin Organic Farmer's Loan Fund.  Thank you, and see you on the Farm!

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View our photos from last year's event here.

Art on the Farm; Pt. Reyes Vineyard, 2009

September 19, 2010

Art on the Farm Weekly... Marin Coffee Roasters;
San Anselmo Preview Show

Sept. 18, 2010 - TBA 2010
"Preview" show at Marin Coffee Roasters, San Anselmo. Photo: K. Kingson
We have a preview show up in San Anselmo!  This is to promote our upcoming fundraiser show, October 24th, at Pt. Reyes Winery; a benefit for Marin Organic Interest Free Loan Fund to Farmers.  A very small sampling of the 100 or so, Bay Area artists that participate in "Art on the Farm".  This show includes a dozen paintings, flanked by our October show posters.  Poster art this year is by Laura Williams (blue pond), and Larry Bryson (red bull).  Graphic design for posters, by artist/volunteer, Micaela Mardsen.  The Marin Coffee Roasters is located at 546 San Anselmo Ave.

***Recent press about this event in Ross Valley Patch, online news: click here to read the article.

Artists hanging in this preview show at the Roasters are:

Top Row, in order of appearance:
Kanna Aoki     (2 large landscapes: "Black Cows", and "Farm")
Colleen Proppé ("Sheep", Red Hill Farms; "Farm Bike", Gospel Flat Farm)
Bottom row, in order of appearance:
Sharon Skolnik-Bagnoli (First row, corner wall: "Orchid Farm")
Carol Smith Myer ("Canadian Geese")
Donna Solin (cow portrait)
Kathy Kingston (Red Hill Farms)
Kate Peper (Lemons at Fairfax Fresh, Meyer Lemon Farm)
Dena Cornett ("The Mighty Oak")
Kate Merriman ("Fog Lifted" at Historic L Ranch Beach)

September 14, 2010

Art on the Farm Weekly...
"Historic L Ranch" Paint-out

Kate Merriman's Study along Tomale's Bay.  Click for more photos by Kate
Our group had the pleasure of visiting private shoreline on Tomales Bay for a paint-out this past Sunday.  We were invited there by the Doughty family, owners of Pt. Reyes Winery and Organic Dairy Farm.  It was a perfect day, with bright sunshine and low tides at the start of the day.  Several of the painters ventured out in the morning, having to cross waters with their easels later in the day.  The paint-out was well attended by at least 10 local artists, including Artist Organizer, Larry Bryson, Kate Merriman (painting, above), Chris Adessa, David Miller, Kathy Kingston, Marilyn Greenblat (below), Deborah Cushman, John Deckert, and Colleen Proppé.   Click here to view a small photo album of some of the views of the day. For a personal account of the day by one of the artists, who gave an impromptu oil painting lesson to two toddlers, click here.

September 7, 2010

Art on the Farm Weekly...
Preview of October 24, Group Show

We are hoping to add more images to this slide show as they come in, but click on the image, below to link to a short slide show of new paintings coming to the October 24th, 2010 group show at Pt. Reyes Vineyards and Winery. For more info, read the previous post as well.

September 6, 2010

Art on the Farm Weekly...
October 24th: Annual Show at Pt. Reyes Winery

Please mark your calendars for our amazing, Annual Group Show at the Pt. Reyes Winery in Pt. Reyes Station, on Route #1, overlooking Tomales Bay.  It is a benefit for Marin Organic, in which 50% of the sale price of the art goes to the Marin Organic Farmer's Interest-Free Loan Fund.  Poster design is in progress by our volunteer artist, Micaela Marsden, and PR is being dilligently handled by volunteer artist, Kathy Kingston.

Help us choose our poster design for this year's show!  Which one to you like best?
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If you prefer, you may email us your answer, here.

View our photos from last year's event here.

Art on the Farm; Pt. Reyes Vineyard, 2009

September 2, 2010

Art on the Farm Weekly.... Catch us on Twitter!

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June 16, 2010

Art on the Farm... Annual Group Show 2009;
Pt. Reyes Vineyard

Well, it's been a long time since I've had time to post here, but I finally have some amazing photos to share from last year's October group show at the Pt. Reyes Vineyard Inn and Winery. It was a lovely day, and some of the artist's hung paintings outside on the ranch fence. It was gorgeous to look at. My favorite new images were by artist, Kanna Aoki. I thought she did some amazing large canvas work, and really loved photographing her pieces! I hope you will enjoy viewing the set on Flickr; click here to view.

To find out where we are painting next, please visit the website schedule.