May 27, 2008

Art on the Farm Weekly... Gospel Flat Farms

Sunday, May 25, 2008
Flag art located on Gospel Flat Farm, Bolinas, CA.

Artists had the joy of painting in afternoon light this Memorial Day weekend on this unusual farm in Bolinas, CA. One building had and entire whale skeleton on the roof; apparently all bones that had washed up on the shore in Bolinas that had been each collected over time and left on the roof to dry. A duck house, made of an old windsurfer, buoys and odd recycled goods, glided back and forth on a duck pond, with an island inhabited by rabbits in the center. Under the arched bridge to the island, 4 ducks paddled and swam in the green and blue hues.Bolinas Ridge in the distance, and artists painting for hours, quietly engrossed in their work. Lettuce and chard rows were plentiful, and a friendly girl name Anna Rose, who sat down to read a book in the lettuce rows, explained they have no problems with deer or rabbits eating the food. An old rickshaw style bike with a large, metal basket painting, "Eat Local" seemed like a throw back to another time, when life was this simple and peaceful. For more information on Gospel Flat Farm, please visit their new website.