September 14, 2010

Art on the Farm Weekly...
"Historic L Ranch" Paint-out

Kate Merriman's Study along Tomale's Bay.  Click for more photos by Kate
Our group had the pleasure of visiting private shoreline on Tomales Bay for a paint-out this past Sunday.  We were invited there by the Doughty family, owners of Pt. Reyes Winery and Organic Dairy Farm.  It was a perfect day, with bright sunshine and low tides at the start of the day.  Several of the painters ventured out in the morning, having to cross waters with their easels later in the day.  The paint-out was well attended by at least 10 local artists, including Artist Organizer, Larry Bryson, Kate Merriman (painting, above), Chris Adessa, David Miller, Kathy Kingston, Marilyn Greenblat (below), Deborah Cushman, John Deckert, and Colleen Proppé.   Click here to view a small photo album of some of the views of the day. For a personal account of the day by one of the artists, who gave an impromptu oil painting lesson to two toddlers, click here.


  1. The first 20 or so images of this web album are also from that day - I had a great (if brief) time there and am looking forward to painting with you guys again!

  2. Kate! Beautiful photos! I added your painting to the blog post. It's terrific. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Colleen! Do you know where folks might be painting this Saturday?


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