April 26, 2012

Blackberry Farm 2012

Blackberry Farmhouse, Bolinas, CA 2012

Aggie's Gate
This year's second visit of the season brought a handful of artists out to Bolinas on a cool and foggy day in April.

Artist, Maud Zimmer was there to meet the proprietor of Blackberry Farm, Aggie Murch.  Zimmer says that it was a lovely day, and Aggie brought out warm, cranberry-walnut cookies for all the artists at "just the right time".

Photos from the day have been contributed by Petaluma-based artist, Daphne Wallace Gerlach.

"Aggie was wonderful to visit with and the beautiful home has lots of history, including an old rose bush; I wish that I could remember the name of it!  Aggie was happy to see that someone painted the Buttercups all over the front lawn...(Maud).  I am working on a painting of them too.   Maud's painting featured the house.  I hope to have a painting up and ready soon", says Gerlach.

April 24, 2012

Cerini Ranch Visit 2012

Click here to visit Ann Brooks Photography Blog with some great photos from this first trip.

Our first visit of 2012 brought our group out to Cerini Ranch, just North of Hog Island Oysters.  It was a gorgeous day, with puffy clouds and sunshine.  I opened up in the morning and put our signs out for the group.  I also enjoyed bringing my 9 year old son, Blake, out to the farm to paint for the first time.  He did a decent job painting, but mostly preferred playing iPad in the warm car, watching mom paint.  It was nice to have him along for the visit.

Blake Costello on his very first "Art on the Farm" visit, age 9
When we arrived, we were greated by Vicki- Victoria, a real English gardener, who has lived and cared for the property for years.  She was a very nice hostess and came out to see what we were painting mid-day as she strolled the property for a walk.  There were about 10 artists on the property throughout the day.  We left by 4pm when Patti Elliot and Ann Brooks showed up for afternoon light.  Ann has written a terrific blog post about her first time visit with "Art on the Farm".  Enjoy!