March 30, 2014

Artists visit Warnecke Ranch, Healdsburg

Today some of the Art on the Farm artists joined the North Bay Plein Air Meetup group and painted at Warnecke Ranch in Healdsburg. Click here to learn more about Warnecke Ranch and their artist residency program.
Micaela Marsden and + Maeve Croghan at Warnecke Ranch (Kristen Russel photo)
Maeve Croghan and Micaela Marsden are pictured here today as photographed by artist and photographer Kristen Russel, of Rhonert Park. Please visit the North Bay Plein Air Meetup and Blog to learn more about their group outings.
Maeve Croghan getting started at Warnecke Ranch (Kristen Russel photo)
Micaela Marsden at Warnecke Ranch (photo by Kristen Russel)

March 29, 2014

"Cows at Cerini Ranch" by Micaela Marsden

Painting and Words by Guest Blogger + Art on the Farm artist: Micaela Marsden.
Cows at Cerini Ranch, by Micaela Marsden

Cerini Ranch in Tomales, California is owned by the Doughty family, proprietors of the Pt. Reyes Vineyards and Winery on Rt. 1 overlooking Tomales Bay.  This ranch is just North of Hog Island Oysters, and neighbors the Strauss Family Dairy.

This is a wonderful place to paint, with many acres of rolling hills, clumps of gorgeous trees, and of course, many cows. I had the privilege of painting there a few years ago with Art on the Farm. You may view additional photos of Cerini during our artist visit here, on the photo blog of Photographer, Ann Brooks.

March 24, 2014

New Artist Visits.... Coming soon!

Hello SPRING!  Yes, we are still here.  We were waiting for the rains to come and bring green to the farms and the hills.  We are discussing the next steps for this group, and we have talked about creating a "Meetup" for Art on the Farm, like the North Bay Plein Air painters group uses.  It seems easy for others to upload their photos and stay better connected, ride share, etc....  For example, they have 79 people RSVP'd to attend a paint-out in Healdsburg on Sunday, March 30th! We collaborated with them once before for our visit to Gospel Flat Farms this past summer.  They posted our farm visit on their site, and more people showed up.  Hoping they may let us do that again this year!

Please check back soon for new dates and places to visit.  This year, due to the drought, we may have some restrictions on bathrooms and water use, so I would highly suggest people think about bringing their own water and using local public restrooms for their needs.  Check back soon!

In the meantime, feel free to visit THE NEW WEBSITE at and the individual producer websites, such as and .  We are still posting interesting news weekly on Twitter, so you may also wish to follow us there.

Thank you!