August 25, 2008

Art on the Farm Weekly... Clark Summit Farm

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Art on the Farm group ventured out to Tomales for the day, and were greeted by the most friendly farm animals yet. Clark Summit Farms boasts "twin" dogs, and goats, coming right up to say hello, and some rolling over right away for a belly scratch.

There were baby pigs in all different colors.

A plethora of chickens were dancing around and jumping on top of a bright blue bathtub at the top of the hill, overlooking the valley.

There were many different old barns of all different shapes and sizes. The painters settled right in and the animals roamed around us, often coming over to check on our work. I met a new artist this week, Dianne Hull (pictured below), and she had a very nice painting in progress by the time the wind drove me down the hill. I am including some photos of the artists and farm residents at work, and many of the great animals at Clark Summit.

To view more of my favorite shots from this outing, click here.

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