July 27, 2008

Art on the Farm Weekly... Mt. Barnabe Farm

Sunday, July 27, 2008
Today, the Art on the Farm group ventured up Mt. Barnabe in Lagunitas, CA to Mt. Barnabe Farm, owned by Diane Matthew. Diane has been growing raspberries, blackberries and garlic at her farm perched on the East side of Mt. Barnabe for 16 years. Diane also raises Navajo Churro Sheep, and Dominique Chickens, for eggs. Mt. Barnabe Farm is a member of Marin Organic. Several artists participated in today's trip, although I was only there long enough to chat with Connie Smith Siegel, Barbara Lawrence, and Larry Bryson.
Connie is a native of this valley(San Geronimo Valley, in Woodacre), stayed the longest; well into the cold foggy afternoon, and was dressed in earthtones, blending in with the native, West Marin colors. Her image on her easel was large, and full of energetic pastel strokes, delineating the dry summer grasses and brush. Barbara Lawrence had her dog, Matisse, on site, and it was so funny, to be painting on the hillside and hearing a woman calling, "Matisse, Matisse, come..." Plein air pleasantries...