March 13, 2008


Founder + Marin Organic Liason + Farmer + Artist:
Alan Mart
Web, Communications Volunteer + Artist:
Colleen Proppé

twitter:   @ArtontheFarm

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Helge Hellberg, of Marin Organic, speaks to artists on Carbon Farm, in Nicasio, Spring 2008.

2008 - 2011 Artist Organizer:
Larry Bryson


  1. hi there, any interest in doing anything south of the bridge!?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I'm sure there would be interest, as we have quite a few members in SF. We mostly work with Marin Organic Farms, and these farms are in Marin County and Sonoma County. However, these farms do contribute produce and product to CUESA and the SF Farmers Market at the Ferry Building. We could certainly do a Meetup at the Ferry Building if people are interested in that option.... and, regarding exhibits in SF, I believe Alan Mart is working on the possibility of a show in SF in the future.

      Thanks for inquiring, and if you have other suggestions, please let us know!



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